Castle of Glass- Linkin Park

Let it Glow Let it Glow Let it Glow

The Quest Continues

Step Aside Halloween!

Green Means Go

Tea Bathe

Playing Videogames

"Shadow of the Day" by Linkin Park, Inspired by "Morning Sun" by Edward Hopper

To Do List



I Was Made For Loving You

Summer Rain Cleansing



Two Doggos A Day

Febreze (New Version)


How Dare You

J...Just Me? Okay.

Inhaling Those Minty Fumes Straight With My Eyeballs

This Is Us

We're On The Case

Not On My Watch Mister!

I Mean...Ouch?

Stay Informed But Give Your Soul A Rest

It's Always A Party When I'm Invited

A Bit Too Clingy

The Sound Of The City

Time Is Confusing

I miss my best friend

Thank you for being my biggest fan 

Sorry I keep killing your gifts

Take care of yourself, even if that just means to wrap yourself in a clean blanket


I have the confidence but I clearly lack the strength to win fights with the bf.

Thank you.


Take Some Time For Yourself

Easily Distracted


I will take care of that :)

It's a mystery! (remake of an oldie)

I need the background noise from my friends!

I just like swimming. That's all :)

I Need That Vitamin D

Night Shift

Can't wait to spend some time with my favorite person. ME 💃

I thought about it, so it's a date 

Easier Said Than Done

Somehow very comforting

That's a strong opinion a from side character >:[

I don't get to see my friends as often as I'd want to, but when I do it's magical

Will You Still Love Me, When I'm No Longer Young And Beautiful?

Every Time I Need Help With A Decision

Guilty Of Babytalk

Don't be embarrassed little tree I got you covered

Good Night

So It Begins

It's getting cold here so I gotta make sure stay warm and cozy 

I'm Running Out Of Christmas Presents

Now We're Both Sick and Extra

Rainy Days Are Cozy Days

Comictober: Scarf

I Love My Sad Little Egg 

I Like Candles

Comictober: Night

Comictober: Leaves

Comictober: Spooky


Happy Birthday

Drunk Talk Is Real Talk

Magic Trick


Sad Boyfriend Plant

I Like Them Buns 


Early Fall


We Good Now

Long Distance Relationship #3


We all are that person sometimes

Long Distance Relationship 2

I'm Glad He Knows Now.

Nightly Visit


Can't Touch This


Magical Journey


It's not a phase Mom!

I’m home

Until it's gone

Long distance relationship 


I can’t help it


First Time

Leave out all the rest

Nobody can save me

Working Space


There will never be enough

Prince Charming

Shy Guy

Too Spooky

Waking up next to him

Good night


Fishing for compliments

Thanks Nintendo